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Freemasonry in London is enjoyed by members of all ages both living inside and outside of the Capital. Elia Lodge has members attending our Regular Meetings from places as far afield as Dorset, Hampshire and Aberdeenshire. Over the years we have, like all other Masonic establishments, enjoyed immensely the companionship of like-minded people from all walks of life. We have no affiliation to any trade or education establishment. Although relatively small in number we make up for it in commitment not just to masonic ritual and traditions but to each other.

In this particular Lodge we have always followed the doctrine of not forcing progression on any member. We appreciate that individuals learn at different rates and may also have outside pressures at work or in their domestic life. Whilst advancement through the various offices is to be encouraged it should never be a reason for any Brother not to enjoy his membership.  

Meetings are held during the week (see meeting dates) and start late afternoons followed by a Festive Board, normally finishing around 9 to 9.30pm.

Those of you looking at this website and considering becoming a Freemason there are a few main requirements expected of you. 

They are:

Having a belief in a supreme being.
Freemasonry is multi faith meaning you can be of any faith. Or maybe you have not decided but you have a belief in a God. Of course, Atheists and Agnostics would not find it compatible with their view of life.

Being a man of good character.
No criminal record, however, if you have a situation of which you are uncertain just ask us.

Be a man of 18 years and over.

Being able to afford membership.
Membership does have a cost in terms of fees, in a similar way to other clubs.
These costs will be made clear in advance to all those interested in joining our Lodge.

Having the support of your family.
Family matters take precedence over Freemasonry.  It is important that your family is supportive of your joining and your on-going membership and understands and accepts your responsibilities.



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FOREWORD RW Bro Warren Duke, PJGW Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master

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